Patch | System Design

In this fast world, the values of society are speeding towards individualism. The idea of shared sustenance as a community is merely a thing. Among the vulnerable are the people experiencing homelessness in our local communities. We see them every day, noticed by all, ignored by most. Many of us may have a perception driven by stereotypical attitude against them, but little do we know what keeps them on streets. The proposed system constitutes a link that connects the local community with people experiencing homelessness with a vision of empowering and supporting them in their hardships.

I explored the idea of public furniture and installations from these leaning rails found at various public transits which critics claim of being intentionally placed, as a part of defensive design, to prevent people to rough sleep on the conventional benches

I happened to find an exciting take on this issue and explored how to intuitively counter this design.

How about a design that was built to exclude a section of mass can be 

improvised in a way that it serves a purpose of empowering the same group of people?