HNR : Homelessness National Residence

Interdisciplinary Collaborative work : Studio Wrinkles | Project : Hybrid Mission – Sydney Design Festival 2020

About the Studio Collective:

Our ‘Wrinkles’ team was assigned to discuss our cohesive offering, our individual roles and how we merge them together, and the current problems we were aiming to target. 

In summary, our name was founded on an Eastern Philosophical framework, our multicultural team takes inspiration from Buddhist teachings and traditional Japanese design aesthetics and apply them as the antidote to our unsustainable western ideologies. 

We ask the ‘What IFS’? 

What if we broke the traditional design standards to pave a way for the next generation of designers. What if? we destroyed the negative connotations associated with the word ‘wrinkles’ by reclaiming the word itself and rewiring it to our code of ethics.

IFS is broken down into Imperfection, Future-orientated,and Simplicity.

We aimed to apply all of these key principles to our designs.

At our studio, we embrace the wrinkles

Project chose

Our project revolves around synergy: the sum of the parts is greater than the whole. 

The context:

In 2030, we have to act fast under extreme global climate change. It’s crucial for those who have left behind in the digital age since the beginning: the homeless people. Wrinkles studio won’t ignore them behind in the process if our solution is something they long desired which is affordable homeownership. With support from the government, they agreed to contribute to guiding the homeless to housing facilities.