Role: Object Designer

Exhibition Statement

The project Oysterware explores the convergence between nature and design, believing that every process and every interaction is a rhythm, a beautiful rhythm of the environment. It intends to evoke materiality congruence, which fabricates from the dissipation of some significant natural resources. Every year, over 7 million Oyster and Mollusca shells get dumped in landfills. Amid the rampant dumping of the excess, we faced a failure to recognise the richness of a potential material we are scraping – the oyster shells. Oyster shells have an abundant presence of Calcium Carbonate (limestone), a key participant in cement production. Grinding down the shellls and processing them by mixing binders like concrete creates a material that is sustainable and natural.
The place where they are entitled as waste is the Fish Markets. Oysterware is a designed intervention consisting of a dishware set for food courts in the Fish markets and and high end sea food restaurants of Sydney. The project proposes an interesting take on bringing the shells back to the place where they were subjected as waste but now as a functional ingredient in the surroundings.