Conceptual packaging solution employed for creative endorsement of an Incense brand.

A ritual is any act done regularly, usually without thinking about it.  The reference of incense cones shares a spiritual history as a deed of devotion and faith, along with being associated as an integral symbol of Hinduism, i.e. the holy fire pit. The packaging proposal of the product as Incense Cone involved a meticulous observation of the mechanics of its diffusion and how the fragrant smoke interacts with surrounding environment. The form of the package retains an indicative metaphor to the shape of incense cones. The holes nearing the tip of the package facilitates the dissemination of smoke in all directions to smoothen the interaction of the product with the surrounding.

Black is the colour of power, and adding it with white in a package creates elegance and sophistication, which is very attracting and involving in this case. With this minimal approach, using outlined illustrations over black, the index attribution is employed to depict a poetic association of the Hinduism as a subject to the product. Revered motifs on the design engage viewers with a dramatical narrative running across each face of the package. The five major symbols of Hinduism are Mandir (Temple; the place of worship), Namaste (Hello; Hindu custom of greetings), Haathi (Elephant; A believed avatar of Hindu deity, Ganesh), Kamalum (Lotus; sacred flower to Hinduism) and Agni (Firepit; a holy source of spiritual energy). 

Andrew Blauvelt in Graphic Design Thinking: Beyond Brainstorming says that “Design itself has broadened from giving form to discrete objects to the creation of systems and hence designs articles form bigger visual system”. Therefore by drawing links from the symbolic connotations and conceptual style, a design can stand integrally, imposing a strong context. The typography has been carefully selected to San serif fonts to maintain the subtlety of the theme rather than overwhelming it with visual pollution. The mood of the package is meant to be subtle and prolific on the ritual reference.