A rebranding project proposed for Kumbartcho Sanctuary and Nursery located in South Queensland.

Role: Branding Designer

Kumbartcho | Aboriginal Translation to Hoop Pine.

This project was a rebranding opportunity to serve for a local sanctuary’s depleting awareness and identity. The sanctuary preserves the traditional native vegetation and hosts a research centre for floral education in Queensland.

The challenge with the former logo was its ineffective communication and deemed visual identity.

The redesigned logo of the brand seeks its visual resemblance from the Araucaria cunninghamii or Hoop Pine. The illustration of the logo reinforces the details comprising in the spooky yet curvy leaves posture and its grip beholding the fruit.
The colour palette of the brand is limited to 3 specific shades of green where each shade symbolises its standing in the organisation. The warm green (bright) shade is the symbol of growth and tenderness, which complements to the primary offering of this organisation, i.e. Nursery.
The mid (forest) green shade signifies the density of the flora and the coexisting fauna in it; in other words, it exemplifies the second  offering of Kumbartcho organisation as a Sanctuary. The dark olive green colour represents peace and harmony. The harmony amongst the natural beauty and the scientific knowledge corresponding to research forms the third and the vital most offering of the Kumbartcho organisation, which is the Environmental Education Centre on the campus. These three benefactions strung in harmony is a unique factor as an organisation, and the visual identity successfully manifests it as a subset of the branding phase.

The Former logo had a tagline saying – “A Place to discover”, this idea of discovering has been visually stated as an illustrative representation of a tri-striped walk track that represents the bushwalking narrative to find the reserve and experience every bit of nature the audience could devour.